Food, Fact & Faith – February 20th

WWWO: The Henry

WWWO (2)The Henry serves more than brunch and coffee, but you could have fooled me! I thoroughly enjoyed my hash last weekend, comprised of seasonal ingredients that you would find at Flower Child or True Food Kitchen; it’s sister concepts! I started with an Americano topped with frothy almond milk and cinnamon. There was a gluten-free and vegan carrot muffin that called my name but I didn’t want to zonk with hypoglycemia during church so this savory hash was my second choice. And, it’s now, my favorite. Who continued to eat Brussels all week..? Me! I guess the dinner menu and cocktails are equally fabulous, but it’s more likely that this granny will be back before 9AM next weekend. 

FACT: Your baby’s health begins even before conception. 


Learn more from myself and Dr. Jinna Mann at the PreNatal Happy Hour

EVENT: I’m popping up with education all over town this next month. I hope to see you at one of the following events. Whether you’re looking to gain more nutrition insight, healthify your pregnancy journey, or lose fat, I have you covered! 

  1. Join us at Unleavened Lakewood with Racheal of The Selfish Mom Project this Monday, February 25th – 9:30AM #MomLife Mondays: Fuel for Families: a brunch & learn with an exclusive sneak peek of the new Spring menu. Grab a cup of joe from our optimized coffee bar to discuss healthy fueling strategies for your family! Breakfast options, available for purchase.
  2.  Join Nourish! A small but mighty female-focused program – starts March 4th! Join me, in collaboration with Gather KitchenOne LagreeBarry’s BootcampBeyond Studios Dallas & Lync Cycling. These four weeks will give you motivation, movement, muscle & improved health!whitness (1).png


FOOD: BuckWhat 

Owner Leeann sent me a sample of these nutty snack rounds inspired by her childhood snacks, and I was pleasantly impressed. Honestly, I consume very few grain-based products, but I really love that oaty whole-wheat flavor. Buckwheat fulfills that mouthfeel perfectly while providing some iron-rich whole grain nutrition. I like this crunchy and satisfying snack as a midday pre-workout boost (easy digestion with ingredients of dates, cinnamon, chia seeds and of course; buckwheat).  It’s incredibly inspiring to see women pursue the creation of new health products based on a need (ex: Nutpods, MeeNutButter, Mesa Vida). Try it & subscribe to their mailing list for 20% off! Currently available online. 

FAITH: And I shall give you rest. (Exodus 33:14)


Burning the candle at both ends and feeling exhausted? I hear you! It’s in these moments I question if I’m following God’s path, if I’m on my own, or…quite possibly I’ve just added too much of my own junk to the journey He planned for me. That seems more accurate. “Hey God, I just wanted to bring along 3 suitcases of my own desires! I know you have all-exclusive full provision here, but I wanted to be sure.” 

Nah. It’s time to let go.

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Ooh! I almost forgot, the new exciting series, Dishin’ with the Dietitian over at Loubies & Lulu.

About: Whitney is a holistic dietitian-nutritionist (the real, board-certified RDN!) ready to support you in sustainable lifestyle change to prevent the need for reactive medical treatment. Let’s get preventative! Whitness Nutrition is currently accepting local and distance patients. Click here for leafy greens and good vibes in your inbox every week!

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