December 26th

FACT- Resolutions are dangerous. 

It’s not healthy to tell yourself, annually, that you need to restart. It’s not healthy to insinuate that your current status isn’t enough, that it’s unhealthy, that you’re totally off the rails. I have a feeling that you’re not. Maybe, you need a little refinement. That’s okay, me too, always! We are always growing and progressing! Because, it actually is healthy, to admit to failure and your weakness. But, this isn’t a time to start over; it’s a time to slowly but surely, continually, get better! On that note:

Welcome the new 6 weeks to well program; our most intensive program yet for those ready to make a real lifestyle change and cut past the silly resolutions.

The program includes an initial appointment, week one check-in call and a four-week in-person follow-up for refinement. Meal guidance resources arrive for weeks 1-4 to ease into nutritious living.  Gain 24/7 access to RDN Whitney through the mobile app for logging meals, exercise, metrics, and sending messages. No scales, no calorie counting.

This is a good way to refine, not to restart. 

Looking for a group option full of community? See the Whole30 Dallas Duo options, below.

FAITH –  Good Samaritan 

Do not ignore those in need this holiday season. This message was powerful. I hope you’ll listen. It also hit me, as the road less traveled, was my favorite poem as a child. It’s a path, now, as an adult, I try to stay on.fost


I’m so happy that we decided to use ButcherBox and SizzleFish for our protein sources last year. The quality was unmistakable. I couldn’t imagine going back to conventional meat, now. But last week, I found myself in a pickle; the freezer was overloading with seafood. I consume it on a daily basis, but my other half prefers red meat and poultry. Fish, if it’s sushi. I used a simple one-pan fish option to do shrimp, tilapia, and salmon all at once and use on my lunchtime salads. Quick and easy. I dare you to try it! You can light a peppermint candle while you cook if the smell is deterring.

EVENT – Whole30 Dallas Duo Interest Event! 

Join us Thursday, January 3rd from 5-7PM: sample ZUPA NOMA bottled soups, shop Lorna Jane’s trunk show, join the 5:30PM the22 HIIT class for free and/or gain a free RXBAR stack if you sign up for our coaching group this night only. Come to chat, come to sweat; either way we’re excited to see you! Questions? email Loubies&Lulu-110.jpg

cropped-whitness-nuitrion-logo-final-trasparrant-1.jpegAbout: Whitney is a holistic dietitian-nutritionist (the real, board-certified RDN!) ready to support you in sustainable lifestyle change to prevent the need for reactive medical treatment. Let’s get preventative! Whitness Nutrition is currently accepting local and distance patients. Click here for leafy greens and good vibes in your inbox every week!

Whitness Nutrition 3723 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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