FFF November 9th

FACT- Tuna is the new chicken. tuna

Jessica Simpson, she knew. I know your first reaction to tuna is, “ew, that cheap canned stuff that college students live off of when they’re not eating Ramen.” I was that kid, anyone else? And, I did love a good Ramen pack, but the tuna world has evolved! Along with my taste-buds.


5 Reasons Dietitians Love Wild Planet Tuna!

Let’s be clear, not all fish are a quality tuna steak. Especially with the rise of quality sourcing companies, like Wild Planet, making an effort to sustain the nutrient value within their catch!  Now, I’m making up for lost time and sharing the reasons I now enjoy canned tuna.

  1. Versatile in flavor. Tuna is so versatile. Tuna cakes, tuna salad, tuna casserole. The protein, with a good spice profile, can be the highlight of your lunch. Or, if you’re ballsy like me, breakfast.
  2. Low in mercury. Wild Planet only sources pole and line as well as troll-caught tuna. Huh? These are the young and small whippersnappers with lower levels of mercury as compared to older and larger tuna. Their products average mercury levels six times lower than the FDA “Action Limit”. 
  3. Protein-Rich: A girl can only eat so much chicken. And turkey. And tilapia. Creativity and flavor is the key to a healthful balanced diet. With more options, there’s more options, and I never feel deprived! 
  4. Portable: I may not be popular with my traveling choice, but I would rather be nourished than hangry and inflamed. This is my favorite recommendation for busy clients; especially my mamas who need something quick and easy. Plus, DHA in low-mercury containing seafood, aids in healthy brain and eye development.
  5. Anti-inflammatory: this fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which keeps your heart’s function up to par and improves your arteries’ integrity. Get pumped, ladies! Let’s use that strong muscle for good. 

I’ve rounded up a few of my dietitian-approved favorites for you to try this week! Easy, simple and nutrient-filled. Just the way I like it.


FAITH -2 Corinthians 12;8-9. 

No use in beating yourself up. Look up and move on
8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.
9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

It’s hard to share weakness.  The facts that make you cringe. The ones you often wish you could erase. But, remember, your history is what shapes you! Own it, embrace it; except that growth requires discomfort.



“Obsessive, neurotic and undernourished isn’t attractive; even disguised in a size 2 red dress. The cycle is vicious. Hurtful. Destructive. Worthless. It’s time to heal.” Missed last week’s pouring out of my heart? Read it here!

FOOD featuring The New Primal

I’m warming up for the festive Fall feasts ahead! Say that 3 times fast. This week, I whipped up a casserole dish to test on the world’s pickiest humans; engineers! I should know, I married one. They’re analytical, oftentimes hate veggies, and maintain a crazy sweet tooth. This dish went over well. Meaning, less than half returned home and almost everyone tried it. This opinion was not paid for. The dish is delicious without bias! I forgot to take a picture the first time around, but catch the delicious images next week during our Friendsgiving!

The New Primal recipe nov

EVENT – Bulldogs, Boxing & Brews

I love sweating along with my friends, colleagues, and patients for a good cause. Plus, Andrea of Loubies and Lulu will be there to help you shop this season’s best finds and Brite Bar Beauty to adorn you with boxer-braids. Bring a friend or come alone, but prepare to sweat! Leave with some serious raffle swag, bulldog cuddles, delicious coffee & refreshments, plus a load of endorphins! Fifty percent of proceeds will go to No Borders Bulldog Rescue.


cropped-whitness-nuitrion-logo-final-trasparrant-1.jpegAbout: Whitney is a holistic dietitian-nutritionist ready to support you in sustainable lifestyle change to prevent the need for reactive medical treatment. Let’s get preventative! My practice is currently accepting local and distance patients. You can also join our andWhole30 Dallas Duo this January for a community-based option! Click here for leafy greens and good vibes in your inbox every week!

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