Food, Fact & Faith – August 22nd

FACT – Chameleon Cold Brew is the new iced latte!

ccb-lineupLet’s be clear- I was not born a coffee lover. Not even the blended mocha, it’s not actually coffee, type. I’m no longer the child holding my nose closed in Starbucks. Yes, that totally happened. After so many years of slinging lattes as a barista; I caved.


Did anyone else have a sweet coffee shop job during high school? #spentallmytipsonsugar

I wrote my college entrance essay on coffee drinks and how they parallel the customer’s personality type. Example: vanilla lattes were ordered by well-kept, middle-class, corporate business women; mild, classic and predictable. While, the white-chocolate mocha purchased by the excessive & boisterous type. Back then, I drank an Americano with sugar-free vanilla. That sorbitol did wonders for my stomach. Now, I drink a strong black cold-brew without any sweetener. Sound intimidating? Don’t let it be! There’s a delicious infused flavor in the good ones. That pecan flavor (pictured above) is so smooth.

Use my tips to improve your coffee drink. If I can do it; so can you!

Coffee-1Tip 1: Switch your non-fat milk for unsweetened almond milk.

Didyaknow milk contains sugar? It’s the lactose! Save ~40 calories per ounce and gain a few grams of plant-based heart healthy fat.

Tip 2: Wean off of your sweetener

Your taste buds will downgrade and adjust to the flavor profiles in real food, if you let them! Sugar alcohols are sweeter (Splenda- 600 x, Equal 200x) than regular sugar and naturally-occurring fructose. I would love for you to enjoy real food and it’s flavor; wouldn’t you? Cut your pumps of vanilla in half to save calories, carbohydrates, improve blood sugar and improve your body’s ability to accept a downgraded sweetness.

Tip 3: Ease yourself in with a smarter creaminess.

Before I was able to drink my cold-brew black, I would mix it with one of the following flavor-rich but sweetener free creamers:

  • NutPods French Vanilla
  • Unsweetened Vanilla MALK
  • Blended with Collagen Fuel *contains monk fruit*, ice and almond milk.
  • Califia unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Remember: adjustments take time. My coffee revolution took years.

FOOD: Pool Snacks

IMG_1833Our San Diego anniversary trip was a short 72 hour trip. I packed the essentials; flip flops, sunglasses, NOT sunscreen (whoops!), bikini, sundress, hiking shoes and snacks.  I’m well aware that carbohydrates are plentiful at hotels, but they’re usually lacking in healthy fats and proteins. I packed veggies for plane snacking, but that celery is only good for the first 24 hours…

What snacks, you ask? Georgia Grinders reusable nut butters. I actually only packed one. You probably saw it in all my stories; it contains 3 servings and I put that s*** on everything.

Also present? The New Primal’s peppered turkey meat sticks, Further Food collagen for my morning coffee & EPIC’s chicken sriracha jerky. See the theme? Our hotel actually had LaCroix which I took to the beach, and bananas which I paired with my fats as an afternoon snack! All were portable enough for the pool. Easy, quick, healthy!

FAITH – Psalm 13:5 “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.”

My Translation: During a jam-packed list of errands, patients, stress & joy- I must trust that His plan is already set. It is unchanging, unfailing, and He is forever by my side.

WWWO- San Diego Dine & Do; a visual guide!

Dine- Puesto- lettuce wrapped ahi-tuna tacos. Start with guac & sliced veggies.



Whiskenladl– mussels, OH MY.

Urban Solace– Wild Sockeye Salmon, Hazelnuts, Fennel-Onion Soubise, Beech Mushrooms, Roasted Sweet Potato

Urban Plates– Zoe’s + Mod Market? We need one. Golden beet salad with chicken & GT’s kombucha.

Hammond’s – Dark chocolate vegan ice cream.Model Meals- The best bacon cobb salad I’ve ever had, and a delicious green frittata for breakfast the next morning.

Tender Greens- kale salad with BBQ chicken & green beans, GT’s ginger kombucha.



Cowle’s Mountain– uphill 2.9 r/t hike

Torrey Pines Hike – we ran along the bluff but skipped hiking to the beach because last year I met a rattlesnack.

Black’s Beach– hard to access but well worth the steep downward hike. Clothing is optional, but I didn’t notice any of that.

Pure Indoor Cycle– the only workout class I took while on vacation. I missed SparkCycle and Rush, again! But this was well worth it. The lunch bunch was energized, the instructor was inspiring and the shampoo made my hair shine.

Walk LaJolla & Birdrock – both of these beach towns are full of cute boutiques, easy strolls to the beach & plentiful coffee & kombucha.IMG_1798

Join me this weekend!


Whitness Nutrition 3723 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

About: Whitney is a holistic nutritionist; she’s a real food master and loves whole vegetables along with pronounceable and minimally modified ingredients that fill the stomach and satiate the soul! Her practice is currently accepting local and distance patients. You can also join her and Whole30 Dallas Duo this September for a social & interactive month of group coaching. Click here for leafy greens and good vibes in your inbox every week!

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