Food, Fact & Faith – 2018

Hello, 2018! I really can’t believe you’re here. I remember setting goals, that standard “Where will I be in twenty years” game as a child and now it’s come to fruition.

Where did I think I would be? I’m pretty sure at that age I was, “going to be a lawyer from Harvard with a blonde-haired blue-eyed husband and a red convertible Lexus.” Is that Legally Blonde, perhaps? I was 7.

FACT: I eat 21-28 meals per week and more than 85% of them are produced in my own kitchen. Our weekly calendar-based meal plan and grocery list is created on Friday, shopped for on Saturday and prepped on Sunday. An hour each day, at most, provides less stress (hello, multiple food allergies), greater control over my health, and financial freedom. Still not convinced? Let’s talk about the financial aspect.

the-true-cost-of-eating-out-instead-of-cooking-at-home_infographic.pngDo you feel lost on how to start planning your meals more effectively? I’m here to help! Although nutritional counseling and science is my educational foundation, cooking and minimalist efficiency is my passion. Those areas coincide nicely in both our prim&prep hands-on meal planning offering as well as our lite version which provides the resources for effective weekly recipes + grocery lists, along with examples, to get you started on the right food. Save money & improve your health at the same time. 


I love when clients tell me they need something easy.

I enjoy that they perceive me as someone with all the time in the world, spending hours in the kitchen creating fanciful dishes. Farthest from the truth, but I think I’d look good in Giada’s kitchen!

One-pan-healthy-sausage-and-roasted-veggies-from-chelseasmessyapron.com_Clean, simple & whole is always my goal. One of my favorite meal prep styles is a one bowl to one pan meal via Chelsea’s Messy Apron. I utilized chicken sausage for this dish. Applegate Organic Meats sent me an amazing assortment of new Whole30 compliant proteins to try. Think; real food ingredients, no added sugar or nitrates.  The flavor was incredible. Try it out, I’d love to hear your feedback on the recipes ease.

Meal modifications; the recipe is a dinner meal, I used the same format but omitted the cheese and added onion, brussel sprout slaw and sweet potato for the vegetables. The bowl is your oyster!



Eight days into the New Year and I don’t feel any bit different than the day I started all my resolutions! If anything, I’m a bit discouraged that I haven’t seen such a vast transformation. Anyone else? 🙂
Heavy on the sarcasm here. 
It’s funny, we spend 4-5 months thoroughly ignoring our health and then within a week expect them it to naturally right itself. Let’s be honest with ourselves and most of all, patient. This verse was a good reminder. I will stay positive with my ever-improving self, give myself grace is my persistent failure and give the Lord patience to work on me.

FRUGAL DEAL OF THE WEEK: Did you see the newest installment of Thrifty Thursday? There’s grocery deals for Trader Joes, Aldi, Whole Foods & Sprouts collected and sorted to ease your healthy shopping. 


Witness good nutrition! Make an appointment.

Or, just check out all the improvements made to the website this week!

A good reminder that no matter how good the sale or how much you save, the happiness you gain pales in comparison to that which you create from the inside. And that, is ALWAYS free..png
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