Food, Fact & Faith – December 26th

I ate an array of leftover vegetables for breakfast this morning. It was both healthy and helpful in the post-Christmas kitchen clear out. As a dietitian, I’ve learned to break all the usual food rules. It’s liberating to eat a salad for breakfast, eggs for dinner, or remove all types of “wich-which” from the lunch menu. What food rules have you broken to improve your health? 


Last week I announced the upcoming January Whole30 group coaching I’m collaborating on with Andrea. Now, I’m sharing some exclusive details with readers! The most common question I’ve gotten? Where will the workouts be held?!

Expect Beyond Frisco, Zyn22 and PureBarre with swag from Bandier, Lululemon & Outdoor Voices. Woah, I know. Don’t miss out on all the incredible swag this month. Sign up here. 


Looking to participate in a more virtual-focused option? Look no further than the Skagit Valley Whole30 Group which includes 24/7 access to a coach, dedicated Facebook group & personalized journal. If you’re in the Skagit County area you’ll be able to participate in our midway potluck, too! Dallas Duo (5).png


I was a tiny bit worried that our travel schedule would throw off my time to prepare nourishing meals, but not the case. Merry Christmas, to me!

I’ve linked the recipes I used to inspire each dish I’ve been munching on this week. But, I’ll be honest, I never really follow a recipe. Make once, eat thrice!


  1. Kale Tomato Frittata, add mushroom.
  2. Chicken sausage veggie saute, omit feta add extra veggies!
  3. One pan roasted turkey, stuffed turkey with sweet potato, cauliflower, and parsnips.
  4. Spanish Cauliflower rice turkey bake. I added ground turkey and omitted the cheese.


My parent’s pastor delivered an incredible message on Christmas Eve. He described the characteristics of those who huddled around Jesus’ manger the night of His birth. The rag-tag “mangy” manger group were all outcasts. They were given a gift they could never deserve.


He is the perfect gift for an imperfect world.

As 2018 approaches and you feel the need to perfect yourself, take a step back and remember that the only way we improve ourselves is through Him. He is the only solution to our imperfections. And, as we draw near Him, we find that our worldy imperfections are still present but not prominent with His heavenly light surrounding our manginess.



The food prices in Washington are steep in comparison to my usual Dallas shopping bill. I scoured the local Grocery Outlet and found some incredible options, though. $0.75 Justin’s Almond Butter, Half-price freeze-dried apples, raw nuts, cold brew, almond milk & Aidell’s chicken sausage. But, for the rest of you… discounted NutPods

Nutpods.jpgNot only do I love the mission of this company and their dedication to a quality product, but I am so impressed with the texture of the non-dairy creamer. It steams well and serves as a great cold-brew addition, as well. The usual net price ranges between $2.99-$3.99. I scoured the WWW for you and found this deal! $2.74/bottle. Yes!


P.S. Dallasites! Both LYNC and GRIT are having incredible studio package sales. If you’re in need of a new gym routine, you can save on a supportive community this week.

Witness good nutrition! Make an appointment.

Cross a Whole30 off your bucket list? Sign up! 

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