Food, Fact & Faith – November 30th

Alas, a blog! Much to my husband’s encouragement (and my chagrin) I now have a more effective way to reach my readers and patients alike. Though I still don’t see myself as ever being a blogger, I’m now more readily able to share my newsletter & Whitness Nutrition happenings!


prod-fettuccini-back-lgA few months back I compared Banza & Capello’s pasta. I enjoy them both, but after last night’s fantastic dinner I just had to share this product again. Cappello’s pasta brings back the nostalgia from my childhood pasta days. Except now, I don’t have a butter cream sauce to drench the noodles in.

This is how it went down: sauteed onions in Rao’s tomato sauce until soft, add leftover lean ground turkey and more sauce to coat, sprinkle in Primal Palate’s Garlic&Herb. In a separate pan, boil water. Once the water comes to a boil, I dropped in the noodles and 90 seconds later, voila; dinner was ready in 10 minutes. There was also a lovely side of sauteed kale because avocado oil + garlic + kale is my FAVORITE.

*Leftover bonus. The extra sauce was placed over steamed spaghetti squash (which I cook in the microwave) for lunch the next day.

Fact: 80% of resolutions fail within the first month. Let’s not waste our time on a fad diet or the gimmicks. Take the next month to envision a change you can make that will be sustainable all year. This shouldn’t be a radical decision, related to fitting in a dress, or a scale number. It should be a habit, a routine, and a small but effective task that will take little effort but provide great reward.


Examples, you ask?

  • Drink 64 oz of water daily.
  • Wake up 10 minutes early to read/walk the dog/shower/read your bible
  • The frequency in which you prepare dinner or,
  • Meal prep

It’s also important to determine if this goal is feasible. A great test? Ask yourself if you could implement this change today and stick to it through the holidays.  My resolution, which has already been implemented, is to 1) Read a devotional or bible passage with my husband at least once weekly (I’ve given us wiggle room to succeed!) & to book no blow-outs in 2018. I know that second one is silly, but it’s 100% true and going to bring me much less dissatisfaction.

Faith: If only, God“- I’m constantly asking for more time, understanding or experience when a problem or situation arises. But instead of thinking about the what if, I have to focus on the here and now. “What can I accomplish with the gifts I’ve already been given?” I challenge you to take a few minutes each morning to write down one characteristic/trait you possess that you’re thankful for. Not only will this provide confidence, but it will also remind you of your unique strengths ready for utilization. God wants you to enjoy the talents he’s given you; no one else has them!


Deal of the week: New section, because I’m a secret coupon queen at heart. It’s not very secret, actually…

The Whole Box

I’m not a subscription box gal, but THIS was a really fun gift for the health-minded in my life. It’s stocked with a ton of food and non-food products that emulate clean-eating & whole living. Know anyone doing a January Whole30? Send this to them as a, “woo-woo, you got this girl!” Or, buy it for yourself!

$5 off, here! 

Ready to change your life? Reach out! 

Really want to cross a Whole30 off your bucket list? Sign up! 

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